Getting Ready for the Marathon!

Hi Everyone!

What I put in my application was pretty thorough (because I was excited!), so I’ll post an excerpt from that.

“I have been wanting to write a sort of imitation of ’13 Ways of Looking at a Blackbird’ for while, 13 short poems called ’13 Ways of Looking at a Waterfall.’ I love to hike and waterfalls are a top destination. I live about 2 hours from the Appalachian foothills (near the N. Georgia/N. Carolina/S. Carolina borders) and there are dozens of trails to waterfalls in the area. 

To prepare, I will look over Wallace Stevens’ original poem, look at photographs of favorite waterfalls, brainstorm sensory imagery I could use, and make a list of short forms I might want to try. I don’t usually use forms, but it’s fun for the challenge sometimes. I wrote a pantoum about a waterfall a couple of months ago, so that could be poem #13. I’m sure I will also be doing some field research!”

For photos of some of my favorite waterfalls, follow me on Instagram. @apoetseyeview