Hour 20: Nightmare

It seems I’ve fallen into

Someone else’s dream

Of nature’s glory

With blooming flora to cushion my steps


Where I can sleep

Under bright blue skies

and the shade of verdant palm trees

with a hint of sunshine peeking through


They’ve even dreamt soft clouds

Where I can pillow my weary body

And dream of peace

And serenity


But I want to embrace the storms of life

Endure the sharp stings of adversity

Survive intact while walking over the coals

Be strengthened by what I overcome


One thought on “Hour 20: Nightmare

  1. Truly amazing to see how many different directions one image can take such a diverse pool of writers, but like you the image presented a picture of such perfection it couldn’t be a part of my reality. I took a more comedic bent with it, but ultimately we agree that it’s impossible to inhabit such perfection. Well done!

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