The Poetry Marathon poem 24

It is the end

of yet another



I took on in a hurry


thinking I’d be able to

outdo myself yet again.


And while I have grown

and found a new way to

shine – it’s really just

Another day survived


And that alone is worth


Every moment spent




-M. Rene’

Poetry Marathon 23



We have given ourselves

far too many reasons to

stay whole when really it

is perfectly reasonable to

Crash and fall apart and

maybe even lose some of

pieces in the process.


Sometimes growth isn’t about

Flourishing with what we had

To begin with – but rather in

Becoming a gallery of everything

& Everyone we’ve picked up

Along the way and over the years.


-M. Rene’

Poetry Marathon Hour 22:

Deceiving devil:

You, you deceiving devil you, have you ever considered the mess you make just by wandering through hearts you’ll never really know or hallways you refuse to actually explore? You, you deceiving devil, you, somehow you’ve made your way to my pages, cracked my spine, and convinced me that this is indeed the best home I’ll ever have. Simply, because you, you are here too.

-M. Rene’

Poetry Marathon Hour 21

Cityscapes and dreamcatchers:


You do such a beautiful job of blending cityscapes and dreamcatchers into your life. AS if you only feel inspired in the hustle and bustle then you step away and the peace just swells within you. As if you’ve finally gotten this one right – and I’m the one behind. You do such a wonderful thing when you wake up and take a deep breath before getting out of bed – and I wish I could do that too; but I just don’t seem to have the time. You have always been a year late – to every party we want to attend and all of a sudden you’re catching up and out pacing me. And as wonderful as that is – it really really is, I just hope you haven’t lost sight of the things that have been important to you all along the way.


-M. Rene’

sincerelybluejay poetry

Poetry Marathon Hour 20:

Poem 20: Naming the stars:

I’ve always wondered whether we’re spending too much time or not enough naming all the stars out there. Deciding which ones will be famous and which can live a quiet life just because. It has always been fascinating to me that there are so many pinpricks of light in a single galaxy and each and every one of them is important for something – or we wouldn’t be naming them after science and decades and our loved ones. Or we wouldn’t be spending so much money trying to get ourselves out of orbit and into their many outstretched arms for warm hugs and a certain sense of belonging. There’s something I’ll just never fully understand about naming the stars – but if it makes you happy than I’m looking forward to all the new ones we discover and the articles about where the names come from. And even though I won’t be alive for this, I hope that new myths and legands and stories are created around each and every one of them for the generations to come – so there is always something to be in awe of. Even if Earth is no longer our primary home.


-M. rene’

sincerelybluejay poetry

Poetry Marathon Hour 19:

Slowly but surely gradually but impactfully making popcorn and making progress as hour 19 kicks off. And there’s something so beautiful in the fact that we are still here despite everything that has been thrown our way – lack of sleep, lack of veggies, lack of movement, and then even losing internet connection for a brief moment. Anyway here we are and poem in the works with no real prompt


Poem 19:

We always complain about how we

don’t have enough time to do the things

we need and want to do – how there’s

not enough time in a day for living anyhow –


but taking a solid chunk of a single day

with a passion and some friends I am

beginning to realize that there’s plenty of time

when you’re willing to risk sleep and sanity in one.

-M. Rene’


Poetry Marathon Hour 18:

Did I really just write hour 18 – without typos? Yes, hell yes I did. Clearly, I’m in pretty good shape – which is awesome! I have loud rhythmic jazz blaring into my ears and I think that is partially to thank for the wonderous energy and awakeness coursing through my veins. I have a poem in mind… maybe kinda sorta, Idk, we’ll see what happens in the next however many minutes til midnight ish


Poem 18:

The pink tinged purple spaceman

swimming in something we define as

the galaxy but still have no idea how to

actually describe – is staring at me from

my monitor – much larger than I am used to

and simulating something lifesize and real


as opposed to the imaginary guide he

usually presents himself as. And now it

is midnightish and I know he wants me

to join him in the void – but I can’t.


Not yet.


-M. Rene’

sincerelybluejay poetry

Poetry Marathon Hour 17:

Prompt from BlueJay Prompt Journal: What never mattered, anyway?

Prompt 17:

Somewhere in northern lousiana

but farther south than I’m willing to admit –


there’s a house with a dusty rose bar stool

that has had four dozen poems written about it

and a drawing of a monkey holding a unicorn

on faded newsprint paper – in charcoal far too

perfect to have been crafted by whim.


Together they hold on to everything that is left

of the person I was simultaneously most proud

and least proud of being – wrapped up in empty

bags that held kona coffee at one point – but smell

of pistachios – because that’s just how things in this

place were. They followed the rules of reality –


but were somehow still part of something entirely different.

It was in that house that you told me – to follow my dreams

and fuck the expectations thrust upon me. Where you said

you’d forever be my artist if only I could continue to write.


And now you’re back but the house isn’t and my eyes

swell with tears I don’t know how to explain. And you are

indeed my artist – but even that does not feel like




-M. Rene’

Poetry Marathon Hour 16:

Prompt: Dance with me


Poem 16:

I’ve been here for far too long

with no real idea of what I’m doing

or why – but I’m going to beg you

to shut up and dance with me –


because I need one hell of a distraction.

-M. Rene’

Sincerelybluejay poetry


Poetry Marathon Hour 15:

Hour 15 – okay let’s do the things. Let’s keep going I think I’m going to use a prompt from the poet rajah again “wonder where tomorrow is”


POEM 15:

If things continue to go this way

I’ll have no choice but to wonder

where tomorrow is and how we

are supposed to get there in one piece.


However, we chose this path –

we signed up for this and it is

now up to each and every one of us

to do the things we said we would.


-M. Rene’

Sincerelybluejay poetry

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