H24.P24 – Hope

I rise and see  beauty

Clouds floating

Birds gliding

The earth smiles when it rains

We grow happy

When we take care of earth.


The purple sun rose in the distance, a mere speck

On the horizon, the air was a misty rose colour.

The mountains black rose in the distance there

shadows covered half the planet.

My mask was firm, the tank heavy, my body weak.

I watched the sky turn from red to purple The

ground was dry beneath my feet water no longer

exists, and l am dying maybe today, tomorrow .

The last sunrise watched from this planet.







H22.P22 – Birthday Dinner

Hot pizza

Cold pizza

With a whole lot of cheese






And tomato paste

1 pizza 2 pizza

A slice or 2 or 3

Dessert pizza



chocolate sauce and cream

Yummy pizza for my birthday tea.

H21.P21 – Running


                        Up the stairs,

                 Along corridors,

Along the beach,

Down the street

Over the bridge

Down  the stairs



Time always seems to be still in the dawn.

         I stand above the shore, waves dance in,

sometimes a waltz, sometimes a funky chicken.

Light ripples across the horizon, shades of summer

mixed with a winter storn, or blue skys, a sea mist.

My heart slows, my breath is singing goodmorning

to the new day.

The sun slides above the distant line between sea

and sky, spreading into my peripheral vision.

My soul replenished , my spirit high on nature.

I retrace my steeps to civilisation, my cups filled.



The shinny walls, cream and covered in an aesthetically pleasing art collection.

Floors, wooden in need of sweep, fruit bowl overflowing, in shafes of orange and yellow, red.

The couch made up for a visitor,  washing hanging from the curtains rods. Fan rotating on medium.

Birds nests seaurchains shells and dusk seetle on the cluttered surfaces of woode  shelves.

Book cases stacked neatly with a familys life time of treasures, all unopened.



I feel your breath in my air

In my empty bed, my empty room

Your scent reachs me from beoynd

A mix of hunger, rose and mint

Crawling up my nostrils

Into my memories, pulling out tears

Dreams and nightmares crowd my body

My heart thumping, sense strung on nerves

Waiting for you to appear

H17.P17 – Keildoscope

I close my eyes

A feild of sunlight

Penetrates my closed lids

Light spills onto my skin

I am bright, warmth

A spider web of veins

Drift and glow as l rise

My soul fills with happiness


I am hurt by your decision to begin a new life

It feels like you are leaving me behind

New job, new work mate’s, new opportunities

While l stayed in our old job alone, we where a team

A great team, now we meet at the end of day

In our home, our bed, we still walk hand in hand

Even though you still wrap your arms around me

I am scared, things are not the same….



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