Before darkness

Dark nights in the town,

The moon wore a bridal gown.

The stars looked happy, twinkled and smiled around.

The moon looked graceful but is missing now.

The nights are grey, only shadows dance. Why is the moon so shy?

Where has she gone, hidden in the sky? Citylights, buildings bright,

Who has the time to sit and stare…

And gaze at the night sky, Who cares?

If a star has fallen, The sky swollen.

Who cares? To search, To pass a warrant. Who cares? To feel the the leaves covered in frost,

To think about the moon that is lost.

All comfy on our beds,

All happy in our inner mess.

Who cares to draw that curtain, And look now?

To look at the sky And wonder how,

The earth goes round the sun or The sun follows you around.

They explained it long back.

So we won’t be curious anymore and just be slack.

Moving yet not going ahead, Searching but will never comprehend,

Look but shall never find, Because all we have is: A narrow one track mind.

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