Christmas Cookies

Christmas cookies fresh out of a pan
Couldn’t be done without help from the clan
Topped with peppermint or strawberry jam
Makes me already think of Christmas Ham

The aunts and the cousins all around the table
Everyone helps who is able
They bring extra pans and staples too
It’s overwhelming, so much to do

Candy canes, thumbprints and and gingerbread men
Of any, of each I could eat ten
Cooperation between families only once per year
The magic of the season will end soon I fear

Decorating and dusting in such a rush
The little ones are sleeping, we must hush
The best conversations we have all year
Are around this table when Christmas is near

Love of summer

Summer by the pool is a reason to love
The wonderful beams that come from above
But when the sun beats down
For months at a time
Cooler weather is much more fine
One month in I’m running for shade
And in air conditioning I have it made
Popsicles are a tool of survival
And there are many tent revivals
And so I can say by the end of July
Why is this season so long, just why?

The Gaunt Gator

Annie the alligator
Went on a date
She went to the door
And he was late
They lost the table
So to the diner they went
But to eat a lot
She was unable
She enjoyed her girly shape
Watching him eat,
Her mouth went agape
She was sickened by the size of his dish
Going home soon was her only wish
Where could she find a gator that wasn’t peckish
She would be satisfied with a plate of relish
The black sheep she was
So narrow and thin
Maybe another species
His heart she could win
Let’s hope for her sake
That he doesn’t eat cake

Sick days

In the cupboard waits
My favorite rescue remedies
That mom used to make
Packaged soup with extra noodles, yummy!
And carbonated lemon lime soda for the tummy
Grilled cheese on deck when nothing else would do
All spelled comfort for me
How about you?

Mancala and Me

Mancala is a game
I had never seen
It tickled you to know
As a player I was green
My 10 year old trainer
I had on retainer
She showed patience and grace
While hiding her face
And did not cry
As I passed her by
My angel,
I’m Haley to report
Had grown up a great sport.

A First Birthday

I remember so well
Those big blue eyes
In a bright yellow dress
Not knowing the whys
The cake and presents
Disturbed you a bunch
Why was everyone fussing
And gathered for lunch
I had to save you
From the noise and bustle
You had to be held
In a quiet place to snuggle.

To My Granddaughter

I wanted to write and let you know…
I understand so much more about you from here
Your thirst for independence, but you still held us dear.
I remember you cooking meals with me
And changing the dishes
Doing so much work and being innovative
Against my wishes
You embraced change while I resisted.
We talked of modern times and I nearly fainted
It always surprised me how morals are now so tainted.
I am grateful I saw my great granddaughter
I hope she knows how much you wanted her.
I leave you with one piece of advice on this day
Love all you have in every way.

In the Park

I pick up my satchel
And run my fingers
over the sunflower patch
That mother sewed on.
Headed for peace and wonder,
I hit the pavement
to search for my own space.
Under the Oak tree
Buried in a hardback
Pretending to be in the country
Beside a babbling brook.
Ignoring the city sounds
I escape my worries
Inside a foreign world
Of someone’s making.

A Hundred Years Gone By

A hundred years from now
Will my grandchildren be shaking their heads
At the state of the world?
Will they be proud of what we fought for,
Or will they see it destroyed?
Will we return to our roots,
And throw out the AI?
Or will we be slaves to robots
And wait for the Jedi?

For My Love

I didn’t think
That love could bring peace.
I didn’t know
That I could walk clouds of trust.
I didn’t try
To make you the center of my world
I didn’t resist
When you made me feel cherished.
I won’t regret
The treacherous long path to you
I won’t forget
That I am yours and you are mine.
I can’t measure
The time we have left.
I won’t dwell
On the future instead of enjoying the present.

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