You Tried

My saviour, You tried, I know Don’t cry, for I still feel your pain Like you felt mine You tried, I know You were my saviour when you picked me from the streets You were my saviour when you granted me a better death You…

Hour 6

Dog’s make the world a better place Give me a dog, let it lick the serotonin back into my nervous system – who called it the nervous system anyway, as if any part of the body wants to be the self-fulfilling prophecy of a breakdown…

2:00 PM – Release (Hour 6)

In conclusion I release shed remove dispose and cleanse bring out the sage and burn it in each room rinse off the crystal and wrap it in silk remove this filth of the past cut the lock, dreads, or curls shave the head clear out…

Untold Stories – hour 6

There’s no place like home With a coffin of glass In a magical forest Where they grieve as they pass For knowledge is poison And love was a lie There’s no kiss to wake her Just tears left to cry For each life she touched…

When the world seems a blur, Wipe away a tear Overcome your fear Unceasing the feelings were, You are in love, My dear! Of all the songs I hear, Your voice is Just clear! All I know And live for is The love, so pure!


If all I think is moving on earth With bare foot and a crown of tears, Then I really do not wish to be on earth With a crown of tears. I’d wish to fly some place far Far above crowns on earth.

2:00 PM – Alarms (Hour 6)

Alarms (2:00 PM – Hour 6) ~ D², @d2poetry   Jolts  piercing  universes of abstract focus to shift to a new unit of now    ~ D², 06.26.21, 2:04 PM Copyright D Squared Poetry, 2021. © All Rights Reserved.


Sun filters through the curtains, a soft glow casts its light A promising appearance as the aroma of coffee  from the cup lovingly left  on the bedside table  next to a book full of dreams

6. Coffee in the Morning

whenever the morning might be. Morning is all the time when “good morning” is your favorite roast. pages. flipped. flipped. flipped. read from someone inspirational and far better with words than I. Pages. Scribbled. Filled with my own hand. If there’s anything I’m thankful for…

Perfection (hour 6, prompt 6)

The warmth of the sun Behind rainbow shades A gentle breeze blowing My hair in my face The scent of the water Pure home on the air Why, if I just close my eyes, I’d be right there In a chair on the beach Soft…

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