I’ve asked a million times to pick up your room but you Always leave it to the last nano second Good thing nobody Ever Visits.

Boss Hummingbird

I assume she’d tired of her nest. Maybe she just felt like the patio was best.  Less stress.  She is very protective of the place. Not sure why she would need so much space.  Just not commonplace.  She runs everyone out of her patio room….

Natural Selection

  Dad wonders if all this banding of birds and tagging of ears creates selection pressure in favor of jewelry But with microbeads The Great Garbage Patch Spinning in the Pacific And asphalt to go by, It won’t be good


Scream! You can’t be heard. The vacant space surrounds you like a child in a womb. It is never ending. It is everywhere. The quietness is so loud. jj2017

Don’t Say The Final Frontier

    That’s death and the frontier neck and neck with death is the soul which flits off into other dimensions if you’re in to that kind of thing Space is just geography without the Geo topography without the Topo Unnavigable via pitch, tilt, and…


    Without the fluids see I get those migraines But I won’t drink plain water I tried and carried a jug for months Always still half full at twilight Way too many migraines Any one of my ten Classrooms has tea stains on the…

Intimate Dinner

Away from the crowd Where it’s quiet, my love Let’s share this moment In candlelight, my love Just me and you at this table for two Shut out the world’s sights and sound Let’s enjoy our love jj2017


    She was thirteen, I was six We’d gotten her through an infection Still the days of putting your dog out the front door To patrol the streets nightly She’d jump the fence anyway Still the days of no vets Unless the beast somehow…


Would someone please help me find my keys?  I’ve looked in the living room, dining room, and on the kitchen sink. I have checked the bedroom, refrigerator, everywhere that I could think. Asked the dog, his head said no Asked the cat, but, well you know…

Our Miss Brooks

  Our Miss Brooks goes home at night, Where the rooms are empty, The chairs are silent, There never were any of her own children, and the Work is never done. Papers to grade of course and Dinner to drink. A page of curricular notes…