Dying in Hollywood

A new Hollywood apartment. My parents came to visit one January. My father discovered plants dying on my back patio. He was disgusted with me. “They are not mine!” I affirmed. “They are now!” he said, furiously watering them. I reflect on those plants from…

Dear Anshu,

Dear Anshu, 2001, Life is a box full of Surprises Every moment is a Present You gotto open it with a Smile Embrace even the Fragile Walk another Mile Define your own Style And Never settle in being just Fine


The sounds of frogs in the evening my summer lullaby jars of flitting fireflies nightlight beacons the mystery was not in glowing insects, amplified amphibians but in how adulthood peculated the wonder – Mark L. Lucker © 2017 http://lrd.to/sxh9jntSbd

Prompt 14 – Iron Eater

Living as me, in a time when Fear ruled Just about everything I thought and did — It was A new experience When I Walked to school Under the pass, Heart clenched in terror At sights of Unruly branches and weeds Almost as tall as…