Love Reveals Naked truth Undressing my thoughts. Clothes slipping down into A pile on the floor ‘neath me, patiently waiting your touch. Downcast eyes flicker warmth hiding softly Fallen words, describing what you see What your heart has moved to feel within you That which…

Waiting To Fall In Love

The man has come! How I did not see! How I missed the feeling? Which has been there for a long time He was always there And I never knew! How I am waiting to fall in love! Yes, To fall in love with you…..

Hour Twelve: Stipulations for receiving

For my last official poem of the day, I followed the prompt. Don’t panic You may feel that there’s not a minute to spare but the moon is not bound by your constraints If you cannot hear her whispers at midnight do not be alarmed…


a minute is longer than an hour when waiting becomes mysteriously entangled with the very fabric of existence as you swing through life always so quietly I am never sure when to expect you back