Our motherland

We shout our anthem as if we have conviction in our hearts we are all jokers

We mock the Anthem disobeying our leaders and also failing our duties as citizens

We bring disgrace to our motherland as the tears cascades from her eyes

She’s filled with so much pain so many of her citizens are caught doing illegal things and all her tears are in vain

Even the rich exploit from the poor making them poorer they have no conscience and because of that they can’t sleep at night

It’s said that there’s no sleep for the wicked and truly since he has stained his hands there is no peace for the wicked

They fret at night because of the robbers and like chickens they beg that their lives be spared but did they spare the lives of the people they took to enrich themselves

And like Pharisees after doing wrong things we come to church to beg for mercy or to squander money to get God’s grace we are all clowns and this world is our stage the only thing that differs is time by time the clowns and the audience switch places

The question we ask ourselves is who will be performing next and what will his performance be like how will he wow his audience

Let the show begin and a loud applause is being heard.

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