The fire and brimstone heart

When men were at sleep the devil went and sowed destruction into men’s hearts.              These men had stared into the abyss for two long they had evil intent from the beginning and the evil one decided to bring their wish into fruition.                                                          While men are asleep other men would walk about naked with a calabash sowing evil or using a known person as sacrifice for wealth.                                                                   Our hearts are wicked filled with jealousy for our brothers because they have something we don’t and thereby losing patience we decide to soil our hands to give us something we can’t enjoy because it comes with a price.                                             We kill one another with our words that are like  double edged sword and we can’t retract the statement because the deed has already been done and the person’s confidence withered.                                          We are sadists, we derive joy only when we are at the peak of the mountain and nobody is competing that position with us or getting close to the peak.                                               We are egocentric and also power drunk, we become dictators forgetting how we rose and the people that helped us rise the only thing we care about is i, me, myself never we, they, them.                                          We have lost control and have become slaves to wealth what is the cure for this plague i ask ?                                                Why do men’s heart become inherently wicked after achieving a particular thing and holding on to it that they never want anybody to accomplish what they’ve because they’re afraid they’ll become superior to them.                                                  When we will understand that life isn’t about who achieved something first but it’s about we all becoming great and accomplishing what our purpose on earth is.                            We should all know that the wicked men do continue to live after them and their children end up reaping the evil they sowed.


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