The love birds

She called i answered.                                       I called she answered.                                    Told her how much she means to me make me the happiest man and be mine.                 She said she needed time, told her time waits for no man, she told me love is patient i agreed and after a year and the half i asked and she agreed.                                                    We became close understanding each other and knowing our weaknesses and how to fix it.                                                                            We loved each other for a long time until a day came and i let one knee down to ask the question of eternity and her reply was yes       Days later we made our vows till death do us part, had a beautiful honeymoon, gave birth to three lovely kids who were blessings to us.                                                                      We achieved a lot together and then we grew old and we were being taken care of in the best way possible by our lovely children.   And then the day came when it was time to meet our creator and holding ourselves as we kissed we both gave a sigh and our spirit departed our bodies to love each other for all eternity                                                            And our story was told by our children and generations upon generations heard of the stories and called it the love birds

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  1. Thanks a lot, i’m really glad you liked it, hopefully you can read more and give your views on them. Hopefully you’ve found your love birds and you both are flocking together in harmony

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