As a child I would consider
Taking walks around the block at night
I looked out at the sleeping world
and always returned to bed.

Now, I am considering
Taking walks in the woods forever
The reverse wolf-child
Raised by people, living feral
The woods don’t care about grades
They don’t need money or fashion
Social skills a useless commodity
Ambition only to survive

But nature does not require nothing
It demands physical strength
Knowledge on foods and shelter
It may request my willingness to kill.
To snuff out a life
Merely to maintain my own.

And I shake the leaves from my mane,
Smooth it back into a ponytail.
I rinse my paws of dirt
Trim my claws back to neat nails
Straighten my ragged clothes
and crouched limbs
Back to civilized.
Tell nature no thank you.

Return to my world of people
Where medicines assure my wellness
and houses my comfort
Where life can coexist
Just a little easier
and my family is waiting
to welcome home their girl.

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