Love Letter

Why do I love you?
What is it that make you lovely?

How about your eyes?
They shift with wonderful feelings
crinkle at a joke
tell me with a glance I’m precious.

Or the teakettle?
When it calls, how you sprint to it,
bothered by the sound,
because you feel like it’s angry.

Is it your quiet?
We can sit all day in silence
and still be happy,
not needing all that small talk noise.

It’s not your body.
I would love you in any skin
But because it’s yours,
your body is perfect to me.

It could be your growth.
What once was just beyond your reach
you have conquered it
and I know you will never stop.

I can’t quite remember
what made me fall for you at first.
I’ve been loving you
for all my life that has mattered.

Do I know it’s love?
I will always feel safe with you,
always be brightened
into laughter at your urging
Yes. I know, my love.

First and last (text) lines from Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close by Jonathon Safran Foer
“What about a teakettle?”
“We would have been safe.”

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