my arms used to get tired
straining up to wash my hair
but as I grew up
my arms got stronger
learned how to massage and scrub
lengthy golden locks

long hair was itchy
hot and frizzy and tangled
and a good cause was asking
just shave it all off
my first shower after
I reached up to undo a ponytail
and (not) to my surprise found
fuzzy bald head

buzzed hair meant more washing
but simple daily do’s
it grew out eventually
long curls again, but
I was to hold a Dig Pink
I visited a trusted friend
she was all too happy to give me
neon pink hair

the pink was amazing
but tinted white shirts
and no matter how i washed
always ran in the shower
it faded a bit, but refused to leave
so it got a short summer chop
leaving behind only
little blond bob

my bob has grown out
it tickles, tangles again
ends still too-light blond
from failing to dye out the pink
with natural blond, about halfway down
I ponder as I rinse out the bubbles
what comes next?

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