Mistook occupation

A child rode her bike ambitiously. She cannot sleep last night, thinking how fun it would be, to be with her grandmother. A closed gate welcomed her wholeheartedly. She didn’t mind the gate, for she knows, her grandmother is an old woman with parched back. The old woman opened the kitchen door, letting her grandchild in, and shut the door. The air inside was gloomy and though its sunny and breezy outside, it felt like someone’s died in the house. The child sat down in an awkward manner, her eyes darted around, and her fingers were fiddling with a ribbon, which she found in her backpack. Probably, its her father’s. Hours went by, when its time to go home, suddenly her grandmother took a note, gave it to her and the child took it with a puzzled look. The old woman said, “Its your allowance.”

innocence and naivety

portrayed by

unnerving and loveless

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