my calendar

I know I tell you this all the time. I love you and only want you.

Crazy thing is, it just doesn’t feel right dating and trying all over again like a rollercoaster ride it gets boring and makes me ill after too many rides.

I remember how hard it was for me to trust you.
It was like threading a needle without my glasses.

So with all due respect, I trust you.

I see your work and even other things you have completed.

I get so proud it’s like crossing the finish line in first place every time.

I’m addicted to you like a smoker on a bad day.

You never give up and always accept feedback whether bad or great.

I support your work and all things you do, because of you I fight for my dreams.

You make me happy even when I get knocked down and you’re far ahead.

You stay strong and hold up my head through my insecurities.

Always remember, when you feel a fret.

You already got the tools to solve yournext move.

Now, could you be like a firefighter on my calendar. A different pose every month.
I thank you for the much love that you give. It’s ongoing and I hope it never end.

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