Whispers of Hope- Hr. 12

Hope is present in us all
A lingering whisper
Helping us gain the strength
To pick our selves up again

Things go bad
People hurt us
Loved ones die
or disappear

And that lingering whisper
Sneaks up on us
Helping us gain the strength
To once again hope.

Tanya Raine- Hr. 11

December 17, 2018 is the day
You came into the world to stay
I didn’t know what to say
Except you’re perfect in every way

Tanya Raine West is your name
And my life has never been the same
I can’t believe you were sent to me

You are a special ray of light
In my heart you’ll always stay
Though we may fight along the way
I will always love you

Simulation- Hr. 10

Fighting to live
Living to fight
It’s relentless

Like the rubber tree plant
Standing firm never moving
Freedom always freedom
Never moving standing firm

Dying to live
Living to die
It’s relentless

Piano Death- Hr. 9

Sad really, is it not
The piano wasting away
Thrown away so carelessly
Oh what music could come from it

Now it’s just a shell of what it was
What it could’ve been
Grand in its day, but left alone
Rotting, unspeakably sad

No more playing to be done
No music to be heard
Serving no purpose, no joy
Because of such a careless act

Hr. 8 prompt 5

Silently she left putting the wine glass on the pavement outside the cottage

He begged her not to go and took her satchel down the road to where
She had stopped by the old oak tree

She pulled up a sunflower
Handing it to him as she grabbed the satchel and together they disappeared

Metalcrete City- Hr.7

Not a city person
Oh no not me
Too much noise
Too many lights

Buildings are hideous
With their metal,
and glass

Metalcrete city
And just obnoxious

Too many lights
Too much noise
Oh no not me
Not a city person

My Joy- Hr.6

My kids are my joy
Tanya Raine the youngest at 3
A little spitfire, funny, and boy can she dance
Chans Ryan 21 on the autism spectrum
He has a unique perspective on the world around him, isn’t afraid to share his views, loves his mom
Aaron Alan Michael 24 mommas boy,
stubborn, observes and pays attention, funny, big heart like his momma, has his first child on the way
Cheyenne Lynn 26 a spitfire as well, funny, big heart, strong even though she doesnt think she is, made me a grandma first
Nathan Scott 28 mommas boy to this day, funny, big heart, having a hard time with life at the moment.
They are my joy now and forever

Untitled- Hr.5

The three looked dumbfounded
At the opened doors
Simultaneously running in
Unbeknownst to them
Simultaneously running out
This was the end
At the opened doors
The three looked dumbfounded

Untitled- Hr. 4

Jana-Alisha O’Dell

Lovely evening is upon me
Reds, blues, so many hues
Clouds rolling across the sky
Like waves of an ocean

Enjoying every color and hue
Forgetting the world is in chaos
How can I just stay in this moment
Freeze it and never leave

But no, the world keeps moving
And I along with it

Evening is upon me lovely
Reds, blues, too many hues
Rolling across the sky, the clouds
Waving to the ocean

Over You- Hr.3

I can’t explain what I felt
But it was real
You didn’t want to know
It was hard not letting it show

I cared right from the start
Things just seemed to keep us apart
I was so full of shame
Wishing you felt the same

Thoughts of you were never far
I never knew loneliness till you
And I didn’t know what to do
Saying goodbye was best for you

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