Prompt 24 Stardust



Stardust on hands

on soft moist fingertips

stardust on lips and cocoa brown skin

stardust filters through curly coils


it glitters

everywhere touched

everywhere lingered, everywhere loved

it’s you

only you

the stardust of my dreams


Prompt 23 Chandeliers



Chandeliers now remind me of death

celestial lights of departed souls

hymns guiding you away

no more flesh

no more pain

no more breath

only death



Prompt 22 Cravings



Craved by all

the lost the hurt the sad the scared

the lonely the bored the angry the uncertain

craved by all

the grieving the abandoned the worried the aged and the young


give us all some

to heal to soothe to be to grow






Prompt 21 My Mind


My mind

How do you feel at any one time

are you like me and freeze when they ask, “What’s going through your mind?”

what should I say

how can I

when it’s just so much, too much all the time

deciding gives me anxiety

so instead I say nothing

and return to

the collage of teeming thoughts and emotions that run through me like an ocean after the rain

Prompt 20 Echo



He is but an echo that lives with me
I can’t recall his voice
His smile or touch

but he’s an echo that lives with me

stored up in my heart

Prompt 19 The City


The City


I can’t tell what hits my senses first

wafting musical notes or the

twinkling lights from sky and land

maybe it’s the

pungent rippling teasing smells of fried chicken

of doubles

of hot wings

of mampie burgers

of gyros and Chinese too

or maybe it’s the sensation

of skin brushing against skin

making way to the bar

or his gentle touch upon naked shoulders as we dance

to our song

for tonight every song is ours

the DJ is doing it right

or maybe it’s the

drinks hitting my tongue playing with my thoughts

bringing laughter in the air

adding to the organismic vibe

that is this city by night

Prompt 18 In Love ❤️


In Love

Standing afar

I look

really look at you


told me to go

others said no no no

but here I am and there you are

near or far

we stand

still together through crashing waves

We stand

daring to look over the horizon

with eyes that speak in tongues of purest love


Prompt 17 Rain



Has it rained?

the darkness skips

there’s something there

sinking in the shadows

basking in fear

Distant thoughts

landing like aliens in my brain

Alas it’s only my tears that fall like rain


Prompt 16 You

Because You Are You

Didn’t see it like this

didn’t see us this way

each day we’re taking steps forward

despite the many that has held us back

maybe this is the way

Maybe this is what I’ve been yearning for

it’s been a long while

it sometimes feels strange

but it also feels so good

why do you love me?

Prompt 15 Food Lust


Food Lust

Tongue moist

mouth waters

stomach gurgles

every inch tingles

every molecule vibrates with longing

now that food is here

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