Stardust skies electric night

You know I never even made it back

Not bound by linear time

You know I never even really left

Shattered heart’s shards like stardust

No Place To Hide

They took our job

They took my dadgum lawn mower

Stay on your side

for a day a month some years

while we make room

or some similar excuse

Lies or cliches

We don’t want you here

but you can’t get away

Steel jaws snapping shut

Didn’t you ever learn the word:


Sand Bar Image

Take me down a sandbar

Let me drive on the side

of this deserted road

No one I can see anywhere

I am out here all alone

In this flooded out picture

Just the trees and me

in a red pick up truck

Now It does not want to go.

Oh no

ALMONDS Bake Me A Country Cake

Make me a cake with that

Marachino cherry tasting

almond extract

Make me some frosting too

You need all the ingredients

The eggs the flour

Not just the sugar

If you don’t put

all the contributions

you won’t have a cake

Just like a country

Needs more than the frosting

The Woman With A Top Hat

The woman with a top hat

had to dress up like a man

Opinions of mysogonists

switched up to laws

with no argument debate

or basic common decency

Cut her hair

Tweeked her name

Said she would be God D*****

if she was gonna be jacked

She wasn’t gonna give back

her 50% her half of the empire

that females helped to builld

So now she calls herself ROB

She gets to keep her autonomy

Not to mention her humanity





City Night Sky Soda

City night sky soda

Starry bubbles

rushing up in delight

like fizzy fireflies

flitting about skyscrapers of ice

A carbonated sugar rush

Shake it till it pops

Make us stay up all night

Joy Don’t Live Here Anymore

Joy is an endangered species

Hunted by the blood thirsty

the brutal and greedy

Joy is rarely and fleetingly glimpsed

One day when the planet

lays down all it’s weapons

I can look forward to it

The Eyes of the Beast

Look straight into the eyes of the beast

Tell me what you see

Amber waves of grain?

No just sludge slathered plains

Amber colored flames

Blood on the horizon

In our streets

The future and present

& the past

It’s what we built

our brand upon


We gathered together

like leaves in bad weather

we huddled in hollowed husks

All that is left now

of what asylum once was