Points of Light in Flight


Oh to join the waltz of fireflies dancing through the night.

Rhythmic points of green fire, what a joyous sight.

Thousands flicker endlessly in bioluminescent flight.

They blink and glide, setting a forest aglow.

So many little strobe lamps you know, flitting in the dark of the woods giving a giant light show.

Lightning bugs froze in a camera’s quick snap of bright, are suddenly green baubles like strings of lime colored lights.

Ah but I much prefer them naturally–blinking–flashing–firing as they might.

One thought on “Points of Light in Flight

  1. Lightning bugs and fireflies are such a rite of summer. They are like little strobe lights. I remember them from childhood, catching them in a jar at night to let them go before bedtime. Thanks for bringing back the memories.

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