So what if we are apart

S o what if we are apart,

We will always share, just one single heart.

The separation we are bearing,

Will one day prove to be fruiting.


I still remember the moments that we shared,

And how unknowingly  you have always cared.

Your small and cute deeds,

Have always helped me in my needs.


So what if we are apart,

I will never forget you and your smile at all.

The way you looked at me was so amazing,

That it always made me feel sparkling.


But sometimes I get irritated at your site,

I think it happened because I had a little might.

Still you never bothered to feel bad,

And with my rude behaviour you never get sad.


It sometimes becomes difficult for me to understand you,

Your strange behaviour make me miss understand you.


So what if we are apart!

I don’t care about that,

As long as we share just one single heart!

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