Unwelcome Intruders

They were arguing on the walkway in front of my house.
I was in my home, but I felt like an intruder,
So I closed my door so I couldn’t hear,
I only watched through the front window.

Still a voyeur
I was ashamed of my spying, as if I were in their private space
Instead of my own living room.

He screamed and pointed and rubbed the rubbed the back of his neck.
She cried.
He turned his back to her and
That’s when he saw me watching.

I froze.
The anger drained from his face and
He turned back to his wife, embracing her and
Guiding her back down the street
Back from where they came.

They were gone, but the anger, embarrassment and shame remained.
I closed my drapes to keep them out
But they came in anyway
And lingered.

Unwelcome intruders.


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