Hour Seventeen- Black and White


here they come again,

mocking me, dissing me,

taking a jab, creeping onto me.


jealousy is a black and white game.

to black, white always seems like a weakling.

the sole purpose of black is to extend its callous ends,

to consume the white.


to white, this game is very old now.

white always places a deceiving shield,

for black to think it has the upper hand.


only in the eye of the beholder,

does one know which one is the real deal.



Note: This poem is written using the image prompt posted during hour 5.

2 thoughts on “Hour Seventeen- Black and White

  1. I like the interesting dichotomy you present in the poem, and I like that each of the two elements is described as having a uniquely devious nature. I also like your word choice in the lines “mocking me, dissing me / taking a jab, creeping onto me.” Great poem!

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