6. Do me a favor

Do me a favor

Get this bag of cash

To the bank for noon

And don’t tell anyone

Where they come from

Because you don’t know


You know what I mean

Don’t you?

You’re my best guy

You know that

I told you

If you do well

You’ll get far

We’ve been talking

About you

With Edgar

He likes you very much

He‘s talking about a promotion

For you

You know I’m dead serious

Don’t you?

You’re like my bro

I told you

If you’re regular

I promise you

You will have a lot of cash

For your travels

That you love so much

Especially the last one

Of all

You know

What I mean

I am dead serious

Your last one

It will be the most beautiful


I am dead serious

But you’re not serious enough

I saw you laughing

With that young lady

I told you

You should not do that

It’s too dangerous

You don’t know what’s safe

When you mix business

And women


And feelings

You must stay cold

And controlled

All the time

I am dead serious

Go to the bank

If you’re late

Or if you get

Into any trouble

I am dead serious

You will have big trouble

Don’t smile like that

I am dead serious

And Bang

You’re dead

I love you bro

I am dead serious

You’re dead

It’s so funny

In that bag

There was no money

It was just a test

To see what balls

You hold in your sack

No money in that bag

I am dead serious

And you’re dead

Not of laughter though

Clown bro

Do me a favor

Take that bag

To the bank

For noon

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