Bandage my fingers

Bandage my fingers
Virginia Carraway Stark

The road is at my feet again
I take a tentative step forward
I can’t wait to see
How each time I crest
Each new horizon
I fall in love
With every view
Again and again
And how there are the very few things
that never change
for if they did
the adventure wouldn’t be worth trip
hand in hand
ask me never
if I need your hand on mine
to make life worth living
or the spirit of adventure in my ever step

I remember the swans
floating on that stream
the one where I wore the llama shawl
and we plucked our first dreams
from weeping willows
trailing branches
broken fingers in the current of never ending delights

Examining each flower for perfection
finding it and it was more than enough
to leave it to grow and exhale

We are pioneers of love
of life
though they slapped our hands
and tried to break our fingers
Our children have become plentiful
Swimming behind us in a line of love
Don’t ever give up
I’m sometimes a bit slow
I trip on my love
as I drag my broken fingers in the stream
This is where we saw the sun rise
Land of unfettered dreams
Bandage my hands for me
make me whole again
then I’ll be what you imagined
and you’ll be all I dreamed of too
it can be like a movie
where there are clean sheets
and the movie is over
a new movie begins
it’s the land of new stories beginning
this old ones stale and done

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