The Bill Collector

How many?

Ya, how many?

How many what?

How many Bills have you collected?


How many bills?

Ya. How many Bills?

How many have you collected?


Who could remember?

Too many to count.

And why do you care?


I’m missing a Bill.

Just one?

Only one.

Extremely important.


Where do you keep them?

Keep what?

Keep Who.



Where do you keep the Bills?

I don’t keep them. I only collect them.

Where do they go after you collect them.


They get paid and go away.

I wish you’d find mine.

What bill is it?

Bill Sears


Bill Sears for what?

It’s Bill Sears.

Sorry, no Sears bills.

No, I’m missing Bill Sears.


You bill Sears?

You want me to collect them?

Collect what?

What Sears owes.


He doesn’t owe anything


Bill Sears.

But why would I want to bill Sears?


Oh, for heaven’s sake!

What have you done with Bill Sears?

I haven’t done anything with any Sears bill.


Now go away and stop bothering me.

Find my Bill and I’ll be gone







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