Fifth hour prompt – SH

A windowpane etched in desire

From the vineyard the old oak is admired

In the space of urgency, the dew presents

Knitting into time as vines entrap the scene

Push back the witnesses as the pavement retracts

A hardline pull of the busted hard back

Tossed across dust ridden floors

A semblance a daunt kept at bay

The absence is best to ignore.

Fourth Prompt – SH (1st hour poem missed/2nd POV)

If it must be, he wished it to go on.

Isolated from the world

So, he could loudly play his song.

On the one tool that allowed him peace

Amongst the trees and breeze easy leaves

The perfect backdrop of which to perform

One he’d play until the keys were gone

With splintered hands he continued to strike

The keys, shattered before his eyes

So he became one with his love and hummed along


Silence took on his song.

Fourth Hour Prompt – SH

Lay upon the splintered wood, easily discarded, now unheard

Once a beauty of divine delight, an energy restored to earth

Mastery to seduce the faintest of ears, long ago.

Pity the eyes that look upon unable to let go.

Shambles of fools.

A key memory of degradation embedded within the moss

The universe restores everything in nature.

Including, yes, even us.

City of Stars – Prompt SH

Tread deeply into my soul, the finale is about to start.

For just a while, linger close, to dance amongst the stars.

Empty graves, lies the destination set for you and me

Disregard your worries to focus here. On what we can make be.

Presently, embrace the wind, the chill, the breeze

360 turns of sweltering heat

Lean into me, I promise you, I’ll upkeep your memory

But dear I fear, it’s too early to turnback or be afraid

Instead take my hand, through the seasons.

A path already laid.

Rocky at times but that’s the risk to enjoy this unpredictable journey.

Hop through dimensions, one by one, take over and repeat.

I love to see you smile, as we discover what was once unknown.

Feather your comfort marginally, the higher that we go.

In your distraction I can tell your now ready for the peak

Flashes of color shine through your eyes, the sounds of glee I covet as you speak.

But “See you again.” I’ll never say.

It’s the end, we’ve finally reached.

But I Have Promises to Keep Prompt – SH

“But I have promises to keep”

A phase that is so mundane

As soon as the words left my lips

I forgot your name

In nature, the truth can be sought

The illusion of grander days

If I turned back to you

I would lose my place

So instead, I’ll whisper sweet dreams

The ones you need to hear

The edge, you gave it to me

Like my promises…I’ll hold you dear.