An Arthropod’s Frame of Reference (Hour 6)

Taking a chance at knowing the world through a blanketing reassurance.
Searching for the moment when I can honestly believe I have succeeded.

Sweet insect crawling across the windows pane,
Bursting steps upon a transparent world.
Too small to recognize your own reflection,
Too miniscule to appreciate the view captured through this frame.
Cold, glass surface, continues.

To understand the intricate parts of this living portrait,
Each factor an accomplishment
set out to be known by the years of attempts that came before.
Smiling eyed little wonders,
Fair faced beauty with a gentle hand.
Verdant landscapes outside every window,
A room for every person,
And a table for us to share.

This is the view I am too small to see.
For every pity filled whimper locks my eyes
into the view of the few feet of ground lying in front of me.

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