Just Saying

A sumptuous 5-course meal
At the enviable Taj and waited on hand and foot
Is no match to the simple but wholesome
Curd rice,
Conjured in minutes by Amma
The combo of Steamed rice and curd
Tempered with spices aromatic
Garnished with corriander and love
Topped with tangy mango pickle
Is no less than the meanest kind of magic
A 5 year old then; Amma, curd rice and me
A 50 year old now, my kid, curd rice and me
And Amma smiles at us, beaming, reminiscing
Times flies and yet it stands so still….

One thought on “Just Saying

  1. There is such love in every line of this delicious, atmospheric poem. I love the sense of you with your Amma and then you with your own child and Amma smiling at you – such love and nourishment and care passed down the generations. A beautiful poem which left me smiling gently at such care.

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