Now is the time – Half Marathon Poem #10

Now is the time

We must organize,
collaborate, work together

Set aside the small things –
our common ground is
this new fight against
fascism, racism, sexism –
against hate and fear
and control

Are you with me?

6 thoughts on “Now is the time – Half Marathon Poem #10

  1. This echoes and resonates. What a call – and what an important question to ask of those who read this. There are many, many battles to fight in these dark days, and the smaller things of our lives do need to be set aside. This is beautifully moving.

    1. Thank you for pointing that out – I meant, “set aside our small differences,” and should probably revise it. The small things still matter – that cup of warm tea, the moment of peace with a dear friend, the smell of petrichor after a sudden rain – these and more are vital and necessary.
      But the differences between us that hold us apart, those should be abandoned. Does it really matter if you voted for her instead of him in the primary, if we both need to unite against literal Nazis? No, it doesn’t.

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