The cicada nymph slowly climbs – Half Marathon Poem #6

The cicada nymph slowly climbs

along the branch, inch by
laborious inch. It has taken most
of the afternoon, and as the sun
begins to set, it stops

“Is it resting?” I wonder to myself,
then I see it shiver and crack

And slowly, painfully, it
emerges – wings wet and
furled, shell soft and white

Ever so slowly, wings unroll
carapace hardens and
becomes glittering green

Until, as the stars rise above,
it spreads its wings and flies away

“Godspeed, little friend,” I whisper,
as I finish packing the last box
of my past and prepare to rest

Tomorrow, I begin a new life
without you in it

2 thoughts on “The cicada nymph slowly climbs – Half Marathon Poem #6

  1. This is such a precious poem – the lines unfurl gradually and slowly as the cicada nymph does and we celebrate along with you. You have such a connection – and pay such attention – to this tiny creature and we know you will feel the loss of it when it is not in your world. You have brought this tiny insect to our attention and weighted it with the focus and care it deserves – beautiful!

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