Overcame recessions.

Hour – 8

While taking a trip
down the memory lane,
I can easily remember
Those dream of a plane

She decided to end her life
One such night
But There was someone
who Believed she was Right
On Every dark way
Someone showed the light

To chase that dream
She worked diligently,
she did get obstacles in the way
But she battled fearlessly,

she was lost in memories
Of those childhood rain,
someone called her from behind
Its time to fly the plane,

lost her train of thought
Turned back to reality,
She proved that aim should
be always our priority

With time ticking away
She used to desire,
Crossing this realm
earn herself an empire,
She had inside her
a passionate fire,

Keeping her delicate feet on earth
gazing the sky,
She decided One day she will fly.


Aditi Dixit


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