Every word from his lips was conjured from a fantasy he dreamed from behind the gate 


There was something quite different about this time around I missed the others… 


And then she named me Rachel Sun… I will never stop shining.  It’s always bright somewhere even when the shadow is cast.  I promised to stay golden   


I know you didn’t mean to take me Down But I’m still coming back from that last hit  Blindsided…  Did you fashion a bus just so you could drive over me in it?   Or was I simply at the wrong intersection just in time…


It’s like a closet… the mind Only we decide what goes in there, even if we didn’t notice someone drop a load on that empty shelf  Entire shopping sprees happen just to fill them up  Rarely are they ever empty  but attempts at clearing them…


Everything I ever asked for has been granted Whether I was the one to receive what I’ve requested is another story  We don’t always get what we asked for but somebody does  Open the channels  Trust the process Listen 


You will never make in this work it belongs to those with old money and the trust funded So… I set out to debunk his theory\ Because if we leave regeneration in the hands of the well endowed we normalize whats been allowed for far…


In didn’t think you wanted me to stay so I left  


A staggering 36 million people have voted early, setting the stage for big midterm turnout [Headline] By ZACH MONTELLARO 11/05/2018 06:42 PM EST   Statistics and surveys may be skewed no one expected so many people to show up early to count their voices with…

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