Poem 11 | {The Garden of Earthly Delights}

By Ajanta Judd All Rights Reserved – 9am Australian EST

Prompt 11: Write a poem about or set in a place you have never been to. It could be a real concrete location, or something more metaphorical, imaginary or fictional – somewhere over the rainbow comes to mind.


{The Garden of Earthly Delights}


In the garden of earthly delights

The yellow roses grow wild and free

Unattended they flourish bright spring sunlight

Petals strewn by the wind in gay reverie

In profusion they sing to the clouds above

Though nothing compares to the single rose

Brought to me on the wings of love

by the lover of mine who providence chose


In the garden of earthly delights

Ribbons of remembrance gaily flutter

A heartland rich with heavenly scent

Encircling the words we once feared to utter

Liberation is ours if we only embraced it

The way to the heart is open and fair

A mending of minds if only we faced it

The cure for all evils is kindness and care

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