The 2017 Poetry Marathon Anthology

The 2017 Poetry Marathon Anthology is now available for purchase. I am so happy with how it turned out this year, visually and lyrically. This anthology reflects the magic and madness of the event, not to mention the wide range of writers that participate in…

Anthology Submissions are Open!

Submissions to the 2017 Poetry Marathon Anthology are open now and will stay open through the 15th! Read our guidelines carefully before submissions. All submissions must include two poems, no more, no less. All submissions must be made via our email address ( The subject…

The Future of the Poetry Marathon

Many of the posts and comments I read refer to next year’s Poetry Marathon. Jacob and I even use this phrase when talking to each other, and then we catch ourselves. The poetry marathon has been going for five good years now. We love participating…

I Survived!

Every year I make the same two meme’s for everyone who participated in the poetry marathon and half marathon. This year I added a third meme, just because I thought it was funny.

Hour twenty four

Outside my window   A clothes line on which I’ve hung hurriedly my towel and my t-shirt— wrinkled   A few flower pots with seasonal flowers— all colours   A white wall with fine cracks— revealing its grey body

Congratulations Poetry Marathoners!

You did it! Congratulations! I am very impressed! You wrote 24 poems in 24 hours. This is an achievement that few poets ever accomplish. Although if you are a returning marathoner, some of you might be accomplishing it for the second or third time or…

Congratulations Second Half Marathoners!

Congratulations Second Half Marathoners! I am so happy that you have completed 12 poems in 12 hours! That is wonderful. Thank you for joining us in this madness. In the past I have personally verified that everyone who applied for a certificate was eligible and…

Hour twenty two

Black velvet on your ivory skin   Hair pinned bare neck   A sideway glance from you, Senorita, lights my sullen room

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