Poem 7 | {Season of the Unrest}

By Ajanta Judd All Rights Reserved – 5am 27/06/2020 Australian EST

Prompt 7: Write a poem titled Season of the (fill in the blank). Then fill in the blank could be a reference, it could be an actual season, it could be something abstract, or concrete, anything you want. The key is to write a poem that matches, or interacts with that title.


{Season of the Unrest}


We are disturbed

by uncertainty

by change

there is upheaval

a plague is ravaging the lands

fear is invading the small minds of beings

the race is threatened with scourge

reactions are varied and confronting

some turn to fight an unknown enemy

whilst others turn on themselves

they fight the system

they fight their brothers and sisters

fear and ignorance is rife

misaligned rights are demanded

leaders are struggling and inept

oppression invades the collective consciousness

the ancestors watch amused

such antics on this earthly plane

they nod wisely then

turn and continue their walk

through the season of unrest


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