We’re Okay

inspired by “Three” by Anne Carson

It is something we never mentioned before. But it
is as if it grew on our skin since we were born. Is,
as you asked repeatedly, everything okay? It’s not as
if no one would ever know what happened. But even if
we broadcast everything over the media for all ears, we
have kept our word! There’ll be no revenge. We have
all done what was necessary. Right? We have all

been exonerated. Breathe easy now. Everyone else has been
lowered into the container. Only two of them have glowered
into space between us. Now they are unable to gain entry into
anyplace near here. We’ll soon be safely breathing deeply of an
atmosphere that is safe. The newly developed green atmosphere
of recycled materials — healthier than the original, made mainly of
glass. We’ll soon be okay again, perfectly encased in and under glass.

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