Modern-Day Cowboy

Country boy at heart
the city faces scare me
the constant noise
drowning out my thoughts.
People rushing
when they don’t have to
always gotta be somewhere
in the city.
Road works fill the streets
while the road workers whistle.
It’s not charming
much like gristle.
But, for all its downfalls
it has some perks.
The bright lights,
the restaurants,
the nightlife,
appeals to some.

Not to me,
this modern-day cowboy
sticks to his farm,
where he belongs.

6 thoughts on “Modern-Day Cowboy

  1. Love the comments to your poem and agree that a companion piece with life in the country would be perfect! I feel the too fast pace and rush of the city in how you purposely kept your lines short – this worked well!

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