24th Poem – 24th hour – Marathon – Funny Magic

Funny Magic

I troubled Saunta for a little elfling
Paddling a gigantic canoe
Saunta saw my request and asked me to trouble her a little more or just a little

I asked why
She gave a simple sigh
Then said to take what i’ve asked for
A thing whose evidence was not before asking eyes

She said to look in the middle and take what i’ve asked for
I said how when i see not even the colour
Then took my hand gently
Asking me to count the stars in the night sky

Finding that she was so insistent
I started to count
But the plenitude caused a pained finger to give
Then she said i shall now understand
That to ask is to be given
For if abundance where blest to the earth in her magnificient limitlessness
That what kind is blest to its keeper whose orju resonates if tuned well with the place where all things good and bad come from

I had no answer but saw the logic
So i calmed down in my asking and allowed a funny magic

My chuckle is endless for ludicrousness and no troubling the motions seemed to have caused to manifest

My lttle Elfling in a wild space of platinum
Where my eyes saw many quiet waters and soft sails rest

The huge gift was wrapped up for me
And placed in my living room treasure chest

The real gift was not the evidence of the funny magic
But the knowing of it

Saunta left me a true treasure
One without any measure

Thank you Saunta

23rd poem – 23rd hour – Marathon – Pyshea


Flap so the eyes of your wings can see
Farther still, past all that be
I found a hero
The day you came to me

Keep on the white flowers
And the purple ones too

Perch upon my finger
Make golden circles around my head
Your form is small
Your soul as me

You’ve touched my heart ever so sincerely

22nd poem – 22nd hour – Marathon – Noon


Meet me at noon
On our special high street
I’ll be standing by the fruit shop where Gallagher will just be arriving,
Noodles before him on leash
Barking excitedly at the passers by who will just walk on by or stop to pat his bobbing head as he coils up from their touch, retrieving himself into the bustling little life of the little shop we know so well

Come in your velvet nightdress
I’ll come in my pajamas
Like the first time we kissed
Under the smothering moon light

Come with your hair down
I like it when you let your hair down
Reminds me of the scent of sweet wild berries and your arresting perfume
That now fills my senses as i write you this letter

Let it be tomorrow
When you come and what may
I hope only that i will have a little more than today

Come with the tear stained pyramid i bought you in paris
It will collect your tears
If i’m mistaken in my math
It will remind you that i would have been there
On our special high street
Where the ghosts of romance may choose not to play fair

Come tomorrow
Come at noon so the world will see that i met a goddess whose tears will prick her lover and worshipper from this dimension

Come tomorrow
Remember to come at noon
Hopefully it will pass quickly
Hopefully the pain will pass too

21st poem – 21st hour – Marathon – To want?

To want?

To want the temporal easement of
Person, place, thing or feeling?

Many a riddle come to question
Many a riddle lay one impression

To want

To hold

To have

Is the consistent bloom of the earthling who may know nothing in the want amd even less of the feeling

This heart is never wanting.
For abundance is one fine point extending from the breath children
Of the woman we will call “center”

This heart longs for nothing
All its desires be met in the moment

20th poem – 20th hour – Marathon – Beaming waterfalls

Beaming Waterfalls

Waters of enshined falls
Throw off a unique luminescence throughout the darkened jungle
As i pause my sleep to watch the glory
Heavy upon my own eye lids

The radiance dazzles the rocks and flowers that both praise and dance to the overpowering melody of the lights’ intensity

The laughter of little ones fill the bushes aglow with her beauty and vastness highlighted by the force of such alien lights

Weighted lids give
And the glistening waterfalls
Ignite my path as i start on a different journey into a world in the clouds

I smile
More of that foreign beautiful light

19th poem – 19th hour – Marathon – Move me

Move me

Move me a little closer
Move me farther up where the day king might see me
But move me where my heart beats in tune with the oneness that makes us whole in delicious co creation

Move me to the music that you play from the harp strings of my bubbly heart
Oozing the joy only this much understanding of our picture
May afford me when i seek out a new tale in expansive unfolding for the purpose of us who is me and me in connection with thee

As cross roads and eternal gyrations
Of many collected infiniteness convulsing
Many gems of a rock that is mother who knows me

So move me in the image of existence
Where the one piece makes the whole
Which the whole will not do without

Move me

18th poem – 18th hour – Marathon – Pretty Thing

Pretty Thing

Midnight moon on Sotheby lake saw a
Pretty thing come out the water
Hair – strand like diamonds
Skin – like gold
A smile that refashioned the glow of the blue waters beneath the night sky

I watched eagerly as the purple tailed beauty washed upon the rock by the lake side

Other pretty things came out too
Tiny little dragons breathing ice around the creature who held her smile to the open air space, sighing every now and again as she stroked the rock conscientiously

Her back was to me hidden in the bushes
But her voice called a strange familiar way

As though under a spell
I walked slowly but certainly toward this pretty thing
The other little pretty things disappeared the closer i got

Two feet from touching her
It begun to rain heavily
As the previously calm weather took on the disposition of a tempest
Followed by the instant mist
Clouding my senses as i floated somewhat into limbo from my clear but shaky consciousness

The words echo still in my mind
“Find me baby”
Even as i woke up in my big comfy bed
Mother walked right in to ask me to prepare for my morning art classes

17th poem – 17th hour – Marathon – Classic clatterboard

Classic clatter board

The soft buttons upon which i clatter my fingers, recreating my words collects new dust on the pathway to decreation
For the voice is lean
As the heart is simple
New times and the flash
New cause bungle

To bungle up the classic clatter board and let it away from the present

The better speed wins
The classic clatter board may so resent

16th poem – 16th hour – Marathon – Mad gentle feeling

Mad gentle feeling

Wondrous longing
Wonderful sate
You allow me this madness
To want more this mate

There are thoughts of the one who tampers my heart With fire
Oh the soul of my soul
The one i more than admire

Hormone beams
From sweet tender kisses
We hold the feeling that zeros out all our misses

Skin and skin found each other within a whirlpool of “who?”
This feeling is real
And undeniably true

15th poem – 15th hour – Marathon – Metal magic bird

Metal magic bird

Far far and up above
Far far within turbulent skies
I rest my head by the window seat
Headphones and calming music
My cruise jazz on repeat

Being the eagle
Comes like a natural walk
Feeling the death trap
On the bird’s magic
Presents its own thrill

Long long
I wake to see my papa sigh
He talks to a pretty lady seated across the aisle
I look to count the life on the ground from a distance through my little window
My eyes end upon something in the clouds
Something i’m not sure i understand

Short short now
I hear a woman’s voice give direction
Touchdown is nigh
A thought that causes some satisfaction
In this magic up high

We had the ride on the metal bird
And felt the relief
So many times i’ve had my window seat
With the hooked wonder that in the vast upper seas, this magic metal bird stands but a leaf

Metal bird
Metal magic bird

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