Who Am I

What a fascinating question.

The river flows, changes, yet stays the same.

I am 25 years old and am the founder of an organically growing pair of businesses which bear similar names and intentions: Living Without A Map Blogging (c) and Living Without A Map Publishing (c). I write from a place of disquiet, longing for self-silence with the need to cry out from the clutter.

As a retail stocker and waitress, I constantly hunger for more: adventure, challenges, learning.

A proud over-user of parenthesis and ellipses, I have a tendency of collecting incomplete journals and presenting the world with disjointed thoughts while wandering down rabbit trails where it cannot follow.



I am quite excited to be participating in the full marathon this year, daunting though the task seems and late though I did arrive on the scene.


Disclaimer: I would have the community be aware that from 5-10 am on the day in question, I will be mercilessly stuck at work, and while I will undoubtedly write a poem each hour, I will be forced to upload most of these five after work for obvious reasons. Had I known about the marathon sooner, I would have had the day entirely to myself.

2 thoughts on “Who Am I

  1. I’m Poet Kofi Acquah,a young African poet from Ghana…I’m here to partake in the 12hrs marathon.I would have loved to do the 24hrs but due to certain reason,I will only try the 12hrs…what about you,let get talking..

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