Judge not

Don’t judge my slurred words My shifty eyes or perplexed scowl Yes I may stumble and even fall But don’t judge me and think me small  

Congratulations Poetry Marathoners!

You did it! Congratulations! I am very impressed! You wrote 24 poems in 24 hours. This is an achievement that few poets ever accomplish. Although if you are a returning marathoner, some of you might be accomplishing it for the second or third time! Now…

Poem 22 — The Night is for Sleeping

The night resides for sleeping, I couldn’t stay awake, My body yelled at me, And my eyes wouldn’t cooperate. The night is designed for us Who love to roam the day, We ride the sun’s path Highlighting with laughter along the way. Sometimes we can…

Going solo

the lot in life for a writer solitary time savored the attraction lost on others not so infected alone is not lonely my companions the ideas in my head, struggling to make their way to freedom through fingers artfully laying them across blank pages remaining…

Reasons – Motivation for a Poetry Marathon

Why would you do that? Because I love to write What will you get from that? A satisfaction at night How much are you going to be paid? Not a single dime Who would make you do such a thing? This writing passion of mine

Smoke from a distant fire

the fading wisps of smoke from a dying campfire are the sweetest dying embers sputter dousing sand sizzles   I miss that   we built a fire pit in the backyard of my old, small town home; thirteen-tons of flagstone and granite I moved from…

Secret Garden

Escape the world in the sights and serenity The hummingbirds stop by and birds sing a melody The roses nearby create aromas divine I desire to escape in this private world of mine

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