Remind Me


I am good

It took the first hour of this poetry marathon prompt to remind me

Just how good I really am

And not just at poetry

As BEing me

DOing me

Walking in who I am

When I know who I am

And Mama Universe working with life

Is so kind and loving to send me Guidance reminders

Reminding me who the fuck I am

And where I came from

And why I am here

To walk in my Soul’s Purpose

And fulfilling my Life’s Mission

One conversation, one tear, one book written, one foot in the grass, one sale, one anger, one mistake, one lesson, one smile, one joy, one hug from my child, one new memory, one new Life Experience at a time.

Reminding me that my past

My present

And my future

Is all meant to be

And all on me

And if my poetry for this marathon is all about me I won’t make no apologies if and when you decide to read

Because on the flip side

Everything is a reflection

A reflection of the one who sees, chooses, feels, and thinks

Knowing that, innerstand

I am writing about you too

So not only am I reminding me

I Am also reminding you

Copyright © 2019 by Angelica Stevenson

All Rights Reserved






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