Um Aah Okay, So Anyway

Um aah okay, so anyway.

These are the words I heard today.

The little bits of verbal glue we use

to hold the bricks of conversation


Together – as we are meant to be.

3 thoughts on “Um Aah Okay, So Anyway

  1. i just so happened to have written a poem about it….

    Speak Well

    Do you know? Do you know
    someone who always says, “You know…”
    when they mean to say something more specific.
    Like, do you know? Know what? Know what?
    “Like” is sometimes substituted
    for “You know.” Yes, I know! I know

    someone, who always says, “You know”
    when they’re trying to find a word on the tip of their tongue.
    That’s, not like…you know
    what I’m talking about. I mean when used
    in a sentence explicitly, you know,
    to hinder the flow. You know, when

    they mean to say something more specific,
    but, they’re nervous and “you know” comes
    out, you know? I know though sometimes
    it’s irritating. I know what you mean,
    you mean to say something, and like,
    “you know” comes out instead. Do you you know? Know what? Know what?
    How can I possibly know anything,
    let alone something when you keep
    saying “you know?” You know, there’s
    a word on the tip of my tongue for
    people like you. You’re like, you know, vague.

    “Like” is sometimes substituted
    for “you know”. Like, I hear what you’re
    saying. Like, I’m with you. Like, I understand
    what. You know, are trying to tell me.
    I comprehend the meaning of your point.
    You know? Yes, like, “Like” is also substituted

    for “you know.” Yes, I know. I know
    someone that uses both of those, you know
    it usually does not bother me. But, like,
    you know, I think that it’s contagious,
    because, like, you know, I find myself
    becoming, like, you know, kind of annoying.

    (Form Trenta Sei variation)

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