It’s a new venture

Now this time

The verse is done

With it’s pride

As a new venture.

The popular canvas

To sketch it’s heart

With lovely hub

For a new art.

There are so many colours

There are so many words

By using all

A new ray of portrait is visualised.


There are so many people

They also love to write

Let them hold on

My heartfelt words.

They also enjoy this ride

What a great pleasure

Though don’t know them

They are now a quite familiar.

Thank you so much dear all

For making this platform

Because of yours words

This time is the incredible art.

That bare root-

That bare root is here

For along with it’s pride

A new ride.

It shows all

Never forget your mission

The lively goal.

Nothing will perpetual

Except your deed

At this earth.

The bare root of plant

Wants to narrate

A legendary tale of life.

Don’t talk foolishly

Don’t talk foolishly

It makes a sense of humour

What a great fool!

Stop and stop

You can see

That crazy root.

Now what?

Let your words to stop

Making all fussy words.

So ridiculous-

It’s unexpected

How can you act foolishly

To achieve all sets.

Just stop all

And Don’t let down

Your mind and head.

Stop all words to utter

Those only cause a fuss

To provide abnormal hut.


Once more time

Tell me once more time

How much you love

My sweetheart.

Tell me again

You will never

Leave my hands.

Tell me again

You’re my

Entire world.

Tell me once more time

Without you

My world is the desert.

10th hr text prompt: an angry cow

Oh no no!

The angry cow

Doesn’t let us

To take anything

From it’s own heart.

Oh angry cow

It’s not right

We will not love

You are a disheartened one

You can’t get back

Our sweet love.

9th hr image prompt: The hut

Amidst vast universe

The hut is resided

With great pride

Without any fear.

Surroundings not in favor

Still the hut is there

With a new hope

For showing way of life

The great pleasure!


9th hr text prompt: The mango thief

It’s a mere creation

Without any potion

That ripe mango is here

To see my poetry hut.

At the very children’s  mart

I want to steal fruit

From the tree

So proudly.

That mango thief

Is called by myself

To do that

To enjoy the game.

That mango is so sweet

Wow! It’s the magic.

For the first time

I have made my mind

I’m stealing so many mangoes

From the tree with barefoot.

That is incredible.

8th hr image prompt: Balance

Maintain balance

To sense

Any trance.

Properly do

To better show

For realization.

There are 10 sections

Each one wants it’s portions.

Let them hold on.

Without any condition,

Without regretness,

A new vision.

Balance is essential

Whether pain or love,

For the cosy ride.

8th hr text prompt: Still I love

I love her from the core of heart

She is known that as lovely art.


I have made many promises.

I will make her happy.

I never forget the love.


She is so unique on earth.

Her heart is blissful hub.


But there are some facts

Bizarre sights are everywhere.


How can this happen in love?

I love her from the core of heart.


She is so unique on earth.

As a spiritual lotus,

The fragrance of dreamy hut.


I don’t know how to lead life.

I know to love her all times.








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