What’s Funny?

It’s a special feeling we share
something unexplainable
that sets us off
at the most random times
The joke has been washed away
it doesn’t matter about the punchline
all we know,
is that our tummies are hurting
It’s uncontrollable
we are getting weird glances from outsiders
what’s so funny?
Well, that’s our little secret
It wouldn’t be as funny if we told you
you wouldn’t get it
the joke is for us
don’t you get it?
Just like beauty
it’s in the eye of the beholder
funny to some, not to others
but boy, we love this one.
It’ll be our thing
to reminisce about
that time we couldn’t contain ourselves
oh, what a sight.

Nose to the Ground

It’s so lonely down here
why can’t I be like other birds?
Soaring through the skies
wind beneath my wings.

I come out at night for a reason
I’m ashamed to be seen
my friends Kea and Kakapo
living the dream.

A flightless Kiwi
nose to the ground
I smell my own fear
of not being off the ground

A national treasure, I can’t die
protected from birth
I have my upsides, but dammit
I can’t fly!

Fruit Loops

I loved Fruit Loops
a sugary cereal made straight from the devil’s dentist
However, there was something I loved more than the taste
it was the packaging.

Call me a weirdo, call me a fruit loop
my childhood memory of opening the kitchen cupboard door
wasn’t for the food, it was the plastic wrapping
I sniffed it every chance I got.

Now, when I sniff the packaging, it doesn’t have the same sensation
the nostalgia has worn off and all I’m left with are Fruit Loops
A consolation prize consisting of sugar and wasted memories
I should have made a candle out of the smell, but it wouldn’t sell.

It would just be for me
to remember the simpler times
when sniffing cereal packaging gave me a high
I loved Fruit Loops.

Next Year

It’s not easy to write a poem now

I have struggled throughout the morn

It is almost completed, yay

The ending is nearing friends

It has gone well enough

Will I be back?

I sure hope

next year





Baking Periwinkle sourdough bread is life.

Like a needle on the beat, I count down from oven time to eating.

Even the Forest Ranger pops in when he smells the sweet dough air.

Must make sure we have a spread.

What’s your choice?

A Southern Hemisphere Holiday

I love the smell of snow

If only we had it in these parts

It’s dry here

I don’t like the smell of hot cement

In danger of Christmas not being merry

Patiently awaiting the new year.


Soft water gels over your body,

soothing your skin

washing troubles away

you look out to the city and ponder…

What is everyone else doing? I soak here


what troubles are they going through? 

do I care? Am I supposed to care?

I think not

it soothes my skin, this water

just what I needed

I can see my reflection 

almost better than a mirror

it’s wavy 

just like life

there are no straight lines.

She Went Down

She went down 

All the way down. 

Belly up, my belly went down. 

Unsinkable, like my fears. 

I didn’t have time to be scared. 

I went down. 

All the way down. 

Icy water 

Whistles blowing.

She went down, 

All the way down. 

Rich, poor, old and young, 

Their time in heaven was due, 

We all went down 

All the way down, 

Except for a lucky few. 

Not A Normal Poem

I once knew a caterpillar with two heads 

One named Jeff and the other named Geoff 

They would always want to head in different directions, but we’re stuck together 

Like glue on a cold frying pan 

Jeff was ever the optimist. 

He would dream of leaving Geoff and going out on his own 

Finding his own path before evolving into a beautiful butterfly and spreading his wings 

Geoff’s outlook on life was so upbeat 

He didn’t want to be left alone 

He was happy sharing a body with Jeff, but he knew this wasn’t normal 

No other caterpillars had two heads 

Geoff was half responsible for that 

Life wasn’t normal for Jeff and Geoff 

But what would I know? 

I’m a Lizard with two tongues 

Break Free

Bound to a chair, 

Rusty and square. 

It wasn’t always this way.

A box of chocolates; an ode to my favorite movie. 

Break the shackles, 

one foot in front of the other.

It’s my time to break free. 

Bound to no one. 

Bound to no chair.