Young-ish Women with a Badge

“Is she referring to us?”

Yes, I am. The two of you. West LA. What was the name of that street? I was late, having gone to your offices downtown first. Yes, you, who deleted our text messages. Don’t you like your jobs?

“Oh, shit, she’s onto us!”

Yes, I am. Have been for a long time. That was your voice “Jesus”, wasn’t it? Yes, it was. I have a good ear. Ladies, I’m not sure of your end game here, but it’s backfiring. Patience takes a certain level of maturity, and I think you may be lacking in that department.

“Who the f* does she think she is?”

Observant, for one. I could ask the same question of you. Who do you think you are, trying to frame me, trying to set me up, trying to cover up a crime on behalf of a politician. They’re employees, just like you. My taxes pay your salaries and pensions. That’s who the F* I know I am.

“What do you think she wants?”

What I want? Ask yourself that. I have a full time job, among other obligations, and this has been going on far too long. At this point, I want you two women in jail. That could change if you start behaving properly. You’re not special, ladies. Straighten up.

“F* You!”

Oh, and one more thing… if you think all this harassment, home invasion, gaslighting, and theft is going to push me to recant ANYTHING, think again. I realized something yesterday…

“Yea? What’s that, b*”

I’ve mistakenly thought all my life, so far, since I was about 4 years old… since the first time I saw my dead mother on television talking to some guy… I’ve thought acting, singing, and writing were my true callings. After all, they came so easily to me, which should come as no surprise, given the parents.

“So… ”

I realized yesterday that entertainment is not my true calling. Nor is poetry, though all those things are fun.

“Ok, I’ll bite… what is your true calling, lady?”


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