Hour Twleve: A Moment of Triumph

Author’s Note: Yet another time and the last time I will be ignoring a prompt in this 2017 Poetry Marathon. I will be concluding this marathon with a poem about a dream I had. Enjoy reading.

I once was in a sacred cave

that had nothing in it

but a cliff

and light blue glowing water below it.


My hands stretched out,

I was determined to dive in.


Diving in was like diving into

the endless morning sky above

but maybe even better.

Because I was landing into

something more solid,

something that could caress my skin.


Even though the water changed into lava

at a last second’s notice,

it didn’t matter

because at least I had the courage to dive

into something that was potentially great.

And it was at that thought alone that changed the lava

back to the beautiful serene water below.


So when I finally land into the water,

the walls echo hallelujah,

and I am filled with glee.


Even it’s just for a moment that I feel this,

at least I can say it’s a moment of triumph.

Hour Eleven: My Favorite Pokemon, Mew

Author’s Note: Yeah…I’m too addicted to the music I’m listening to do the Hour Eleven Prompt, so I’m going to do something that’s similar to one of the later prompts, except I’m not going to talk in the point of view of a well known character. I’m going to talk about a well known character, and that is Mew from Pokémon. She is my favorite character. In case you want to know about the music I’m listening to, that goes along with the theme, it’s In The Water by GAWVI and Closer by GAWVI. 🙂


from the moment I saw you,

I smiled.

Your beauty,

from the inside out,

makes all the other Pokémon pale in comparison

to you,

even that popular Pikachu.


But Pikachu has soulless eyes

whereas yours have soul to them.

There’s a reason why you are so rare,

and that is why.


Despite your short appearance in Pokémon,

you have left a special place in my heart.

In you,

there is eternal joy.


From the bottom of my heart,

I thank you for being a part of my life.

You are forever missed.

Hour Ten: My Favorite Color, Midnight Blue

Often times,

when I lie on my bed at night,

I imagine what my ideal room would be like.

The first thought that comes to mind

is what color the walls would be.

For me, there’s only one solid answer-

midnight blue.


The best part is that

midnight blue is the color of the sky at night,

so that whenever I would lie on my bed,

it’d feel like I’m outside looking up the stars.


I could have that majestic feeling

wash over all the time

with the color midnight blue

all over my walls.

That feeling that all my dreams could come true,

and that, by far, is the best feeling to have.


Coming back to reality,

I look wistfully at the purple walls of bedroom.

Purple is probably my third or fourth favorite color,

but it’s not the best color for a room.

Instead, midnight blue is and always will be that color for me.



Hour Nine: Why I Hate Spiders

Hour Nine Prompt

Warning: If you are afraid of spiders like I am, I suggest you don’t read this unless you are okay with having that paranoid feeling that a spider is on you when it isn’t. I know I am probably going to have it as I write this poem, but oh well. I need to get this out of my mind.

Up close,

their multiple round doll like eyes

can stare into your soul,

paralyzing you with fear to the point

where you feel like you can hardly move.

It doesn’t help that their movements are so calculating.

Each step they take towards you is like

signifying a step closer to your death.

If you don’t kill them instantly,

you feel like they will come to kill you

in one or another.

And if they kill you,

it’s all over from there,

something you’ll feel forever haunted by.



I deem

these bugs

to be the kind of bugs

who should be killed

with no hesitation.



Hour Eight: Cici’s Alfredo Pizza

Author’s Note: Since I am very hungry right now, the topic of pizza seems more fitting than any other topic. Not going by the prompt this hour. I figured that talking about this will help you get insight into my journey of this marathon, and it’s just better that way. Enjoy.

My aching stomach.

The desire to taste the wonderful cheese in the pizza,

urging me to get to Cici’s as fast as possible.


Must have pizza.


It’s a must.

It turns into a need at this point.


My growling stomach.


I imagine myself devouring the pizza,

one piece at a time.


Must go now

to Cici’s.


It’s the only way

to satisfy my hunger.

Hour Seven: A Day of Dismay

Hour Seven Prompt

It was a day

of dismay

that threw my whole world into disarray.

For whoever is responsible for that horrible day, they must surely pay.

Because from that day forward, I will never be okay.


Hour Six: Meet Again Two

Author’s Note: This is much like the meet again poem that I did for hour two, but instead, it’s in Darryl’s point of view. The poem is addressed to Diana. Enjoy.

I call your name, but

you can’t hear me.

I see you,

but you don’t see me.

I breath,

but you don’t really know.



how it pains me

to see your pain

and to know that I can’t hold you in my arms

to make you feel better.


All I can do is

give you small signs of my existence

and wait for you to return to me

after your life is over.


It sounds so simple,

yet it isn’t.

It sounds so easy,

but…it isn’t.


You could be married by the end of your life for all I know,

and then I couldn’t be with you.

But I know

if you just keep having faith that I am here

and never lose sight of the love I have for you,

we can be together

forever and always.




Hour Five: The Park

Author’s Note: I don’t have a location special to me, that I haven’t visited in many years so I can’t really do the prompt. However, I can write about a place that is special to me, that I have visited recently. So here it goes. Enjoy.

At the park,

I can both

reminisce about easier times

and focus on the present,

swinging away my problems.


The swings are my designated spot.

Up and up I go.

Down, down I go.


It’s one of the only times

I truly feel invincible.

Like I’m flying

without a care in the world once again.


The wind whispers,

making the trees sing

and soothing my mind.


Even though the traffic outside the park roars,

I can forget for a moment that all that hustle and bustle

is a part of my world,

and at last, I can be free.


Hour Four: Music’s Splendid Ability

Hour Four Prompt

It devours your soul,

then it spits you out.


It devours your soul,

and you can’t escape.

All that was hidden inside you

is unveiled

by music.

The three to five minutes it plays

feels like an eternity,

and just when you think it will never end,

it stops

just like that.


Then it spits you out,

leaving you to feel empty again,

and all of that was unveiled from inside of you

becomes hidden once again.

You long for that high.

You long for that inexplicable feeling

that you get when it plays.

Thus, your three to five minute moment paradise begins again,

and time seems rewind itself

as if you went into a time machine in order to turn back time.

Everything feels like it once did a moment ago,

and that process repeats

at any time you wish.


It devours your soul,

then it spits you out.

Music’s splendid ability.







No matter what you choose,

you can’t escape.

Hour Three: Eternity Now

Hour Three Prompt

Eternity Now,

a place determining whether or not you will go to Heaven or Hell.

Inside that place are two main entrance doors,

one leading to Heaven and

one leading to Hell.

It is your choice,

right then,

right now.

What will it be?

A place of eternal pleasure

or a place of eternal suffering?

The doors don’t have labels on them,

telling you which one is Heaven or which one is Hell.

However, the door you will choose is based entirely on your aura.

You will choose the right door for you, whatever it is, and you will be there to stay.