The Birth

A call I hear from inside of me
Wrapped in my warmth, someone arrives
Celebrate a new life, Life
distinct in divine light
Doors of horizon
Welcomes the birth.
Love and Hope

Garland of clouds
woven with a thread and a needle

Periwinkles showered from the sky
spread all over the earth

A scene nothing else can beat
for it is only God’s treat!

My Love,
I don’t need long romantic vacays
To me,
Life happens when we hold hands and run to catch buses & trains
I don’t need roses, gifts or cards
To me,
Life happens when you hold me while crossing the road
I don’t need candlelight dinners
To me,
Life happens when we cook together and eat in just one dish
I don’t need long drives
To me,
Love happens when you cover me to save me from the cold
I don’t need romantic songs or dances
To me,
Love happens when you sing tuneless and I dance like a joker
I may hate you when you scold me ..just for my best
To me,
Love just happens when you cry when I am in pain
Life may not be a Bed Of Roses
To me,
It is no less than an adventure with YOU!!
And I am loving it!!

From the waters
I evolve
And he drops
The jaws

In the sunshine
I dissolve
Yes I am free
Of flaws

In the skies
I fly
Up Above
I’ve also got claws!

A mystery
No one can solve
I’ve grown against
Nature’s laws

Pour down your thoughts dear

Here are your swords- paper and pen
Keep writing, have no fear!

Pour down your thoughts dear

Here is your world – a book
Keeping imagining, in full gear!

Pour down your thoughts dear

Here is your teacher – the nature
Keeping exploring, however far or near!

Pour down your thoughts dear

Why is it so difficult
To be different
From the normal?

Why are you cursed
For being different
From the normal?

I could be weird
But that’s what I feared!

Normal could be weird
Normal should be cheered

Normal could be queered
Normal should be revered

Normal’s an illusion
What is the big confusion?
Wake up,
Make your own definition!

When the world seems a blur,
Wipe away a tear
Overcome your fear

Unceasing the feelings were,
You are in love,
My dear!

Of all the songs I hear,
Your voice is
Just clear!

All I know
And live for is
The love, so pure!

We finally met
And the sky turned pink
Butterflies all around
And in my stomach too!

The downpour from the sky above
And rolling out of my eyes too
It’s okay to cry!
For the sky is doing that too!

We sat there for a long time,
till the crowd around us thinned,
till the sun shifted
and the light changed.
Till we felt our eyes could meet again,
without the tears.

last line credits : Sarah’s Key, Tatiana de Rosnay

Dreamy land
Where no man’s sad

Foggy skies
Where no one cries

Wind that blows
And I repose

Birds sing
And why not
It’s a Paradise!

Magical place
And I refuse
To shut my eyes!

Capture moments in the eyes
Store memories in the heart

The sound of laughter never fades away
The glimpse of a smile never dissolves

In our hearts, we carry it along
With the hope they last long!

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